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Elevate your tattoo artistry with our top-quality tattoo cartridges and inks. Our cartridges ensure precise ink flow and superior performance, delivering clean and vibrant tattoos every time. Formulated with the finest pigments, our inks provide bold, long-lasting colors that are easy to work with.
Find the perfect tools to bring your artistic visions to life with our reliable and high-performing products.
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Discover Our Comprehensive Medical Supplies, Tattoo Supplies and Accessories

Enhance your tattoo artistry with our top-quality tattoo supplies, power accessories, and medical products. Our reliable power supplies ensure consistent performance, while our ergonomic accessories keep your equipment running smoothly. Maintain a sterile environment with our essential medical supplies, including gloves and disinfectants.
Find the perfect tools to bring your artistic visions to life and ensure client safety. Explore our collection now to elevate your tattooing experience with trusted and high-performing products.

Power Supplies and Accessories

Explore our range of power supplies and accessories for tattoo machines. Ensure consistent performance with our reliable power units, foot pedals, and clip cords. Enhance your setup today!


Medical Supplies

Browse our selection of essential medical supplies for tattoo studios, including gloves, disinfectants, and barrier films. Maintain a sterile environment and ensure client safety with our reliable products.


Tattoo Supplies

Explore our range of power supplies and accessories for tattoo machines. Ensure consistent performance with our reliable power units, foot pedals, and clip cords. Enhance your setup today!


About us

Maple Tattoo Supply: Leading the Tattoo Industry in Canada for Over a Decade
Situated in Toronto, Ontario, Maple Tattoo Supply has been a pivotal player in the tattoo industry, both within Canada and internationally, for over ten years. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and a vast array of premium tattoo supplies to artists near and far. Our dedication to excellence and innovation has earned us the reputation of being the preferred supplier for professionals.
Diverse Selection of Tattoo Machines
Maple Tattoo Supply offers a comprehensive range of tattoo machines to accommodate the varying needs of artists. Our selection includes the highly acclaimed Bishop tattoo machine, known for its accuracy and durability. Whether you're seeking a tattoo machine for sale or a professional-grade device, we provide an extensive array of options.
Our collection features: Rotary machines: Celebrated for their smooth operation and minimal noise. Coil machines: Favored for their traditional feel and robust power. Wireless options: Providing the freedom of movement and ease of use. Tattoo pens: Ideal for detailed work and user-friendly handling. We also stock corded machines for those who prefer the stability of a wired connection. Each machine is crafted to deliver outstanding results, ensuring every tattoo is executed with precision. High-Quality Tattoo Inks We recognize that the quality of tattoo ink is vital for achieving vibrant, enduring results. Therefore, we offer some of the finest inks available, such as Dynamic black ink and Eternal ink. These inks are praised for their deep pigmentation and consistent quality.
Our selection includes: Vegan inks: Safe and ethical choices for eco-conscious artists. Black inks: Essential for outlines and shading. Color inks: Offering a broad spectrum for creating vivid designs. Ink sets: Convenient collections for artists who require a variety of colors. Whether you need professional-grade ink or practice skins, Maple Tattoo Supply ensures access to top-quality products.
Comprehensive Supplies for Tattoo Professionals
Maple Tattoo Supply is your ultimate destination for all tattooing needs.
Our equipment range includes: Power supplies: Reliable and efficient to ensure consistent performance. Foot pedals: Enhancing control and precision during sessions. Accessories: Including needles, grips, tips, and tubes. For those looking to practice and perfect their skills, we provide practice skins, synthetic skins, and fake skins. These items are essential for mastering techniques before working on clients.
Trusted Aftercare Products
Proper aftercare is crucial for the healing process and the long-term preservation of tattoos. Maple Tattoo Supply provides a selection of trusted aftercare items, such as Hustle Butter Deluxe, Zensa numbing cream, and Ink-Eeze green glide ointment.
Our aftercare range also includes: Aftercare bandages: Such as Tatu-Derm and Saniderm, providing a protective barrier to keep tattoos clean and free from infection. Numbing creams: Like Zensa cream, to manage pain during the tattooing process.
Specialized Tattoo Accessories
Beyond the essentials, we provide specialized accessories to enhance your tattooing experience. Our stencil products, including Stencil Stuff and Radiant Stencil Ink, ensure precise and easy transfer of designs. We also offer a variety of tubes and grips, available in both disposable and reusable options.
Our selection includes: Needles: In various configurations to suit different techniques. Stencil and transfer papers: Ensuring accurate and detailed design transfers. We supply essential studio furniture and equipment, such as chairs, beds, workstations, armrests, and stools, creating a comfortable and efficient workspace.
Commitment to Safety and Sterility
At Maple Tattoo Supply, we prioritize the safety and hygiene of both artists and clients. Our sterilization supplies include ultrasonic cleaners and autoclaves, ensuring that all tools and equipment are thoroughly sanitized. Additionally, we offer barriers, disposables, and nitrile gloves to maintain a sterile environment.
Our cleaning items, such as Cavicide, green soap, and blue soap, are crucial for maintaining cleanliness and preventing infections. We also provide various aftercare products to support proper hygiene and healing, along with surgical tapes and adhesive bandages to ensure a safe working environment.
Global Shipping and Customer Support
Maple Tattoo Supply proudly offers global shipping, ensuring that our high-quality products reach artists worldwide. Whether you are in the Philippines, Canada, or another location, you can rely on us for prompt and reliable delivery. Our customer support team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns.
Innovation and Industry Leadership
We strive to remain at the forefront by offering innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the tattoo industry. Collaborating with industry leaders like FK Irons and Inkjecta, we provide cutting-edge technology and tools to our clients.
Our product range includes advanced machines, power supplies, and accessories that elevate the tattooing experience. The FK Irons Flux Max offers unmatched performance, while the Inkjecta machine provides precision for intricate designs. We also offer various power supplies, such as the Critical Atom X, for consistent performance.
Dedication to Excellence
Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do. From sourcing the best products to providing unparalleled customer service, we support tattoo artists in their craft. Our comprehensive range of products includes inks, machines, studio supplies, and aftercare items, making us the preferred choice for professional tattoo supplies in Canada and beyond.
We take pride in offering high-quality supplies at competitive prices. Our products are rigorously tested and sourced from reputable manufacturers to meet the highest standards. We continuously update our inventory with the latest innovations and trends in the tattoo industry.
Customer Testimonials
Making sure our clients are completely satisfied is our number one goal, and we are immensely proud of the countless positive testimonials we have received over the years. These testimonials come from tattoo artists who consistently depend on us for their supplies. Our dedication to quality and service has earned their trust and loyalty.
Tattoo artists from various backgrounds and locations have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the reliability and excellence of our products. Many of them have expressed appreciation for our extensive range of high-quality supplies, noting that our commitment to providing the best materials has helped them in their craft.
Additionally, these artists have praised our customer service, mentioning how our team is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. Their feedback often emphasizes how our prompt and professional support makes a significant difference in their overall experience. This ongoing support and positive reception from our clients drive us to continuously improve and maintain our high standards. Here are a few of their comments: "Maple Tattoo Supply has been my go-to for years. Their selection of inks and machines is unmatched, and their customer service is always top-notch." - Tattoo Artist, Toronto. "I love the quality of the products from Maple Tattoo Supply. Their inks are vibrant and long-lasting, and their machines are reliable." - Tattoo Artist, Ontario. "Global shipping from Maple Tattoo Supply is a game-changer for my studio. I can always count on them for timely deliveries and high-quality products." - Tattoo Artist, Philippines
Contact Us
For more information or to place an order, please visit our website at mapletattoosupply.com or reach out to our customer service team. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your tattooing goals.
Additional Services
We offer valuable resources and support to help tattoo artists excel in their craft. Our website features a comprehensive blog with articles on techniques, aftercare tips, and industry trends. We also provide instructional videos and tutorials to help artists improve their skills and stay updated with the latest advancements.
Our community of tattoo artists is another valuable resource. We host forums and discussion groups where artists can share experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow professionals. This sense of community fosters collaboration and growth, helping artists continuously improve and evolve.
Educational Programs
Maple Tattoo Supply is committed to supporting the education and development of tattoo artists. We offer workshops and training programs conducted by industry experts. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including advanced techniques, equipment maintenance, and business management. By participating in our educational programs, artists can enhance their skills and stay competitive.
Custom Orders and Bulk Discounts
Understanding that every studio has unique needs, we offer custom order services and bulk discounts. Whether you need specific products in large quantities or require a customized solution, our team is here to assist. Our bulk discount program ensures you get the best value, making it easier to stock your studio with high-quality supplies.
Sustainable Practices
At Maple Tattoo Supply, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We offer a range of eco-friendly supplies, including biodegradable barriers and disposables. By choosing our eco-friendly options, you can reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Industry Partnerships
We have established strong partnerships with leading brands in the tattoo industry. These partnerships allow us to offer exclusive products and collaborations not available elsewhere. Our collaborations with brands like FK Irons, Critical, and Cheyenne bring you the latest innovations and advancements in tattoo technology.
Testimonials and Success Stories
Our success is built on the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Here are some testimonials from artists who have benefited from our products and services: "Maple Tattoo Supply has been instrumental in the success of my studio. Their products are top-notch, and their customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend them to any tattoo artist looking for reliable supplies." - Tattoo Artist, Vancouver". I appreciate the educational resources and community support offered by Maple Tattoo Supply. They have helped me improve my skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends." - Tattoo Artist, Calgary". The eco-friendly supplies from Maple Tattoo Supply align with my values and commitment to sustainability. It's great to have high-quality, environmentally friendly options." - Tattoo Artist, Montreal.
Celebrating Tattoo Artistry
At Maple Tattoo Supply, we celebrate the artistry and creativity of tattooing. We understand that each tattoo is a unique work of art, and we are honored to support the artists who bring these creations to life. Our products are designed to enhance artistry and precision, allowing artists to achieve their vision with confidence.
Final Thoughts
Maple Tattoo Supply is dedicated to supporting artists in Canada and around the world. Whether you are a professional or an aspiring beginner, we have everything you need to succeed in your tattooing journey.
Thank you for choosing Maple Tattoo Supply. We look forward to serving you and being part of your artistic journey. Visit mapletattoosupply.com today to explore our offerings and experience the best in tattoo supplies.