World Famous Andres Jaramillo&
World Famous Andres Jaramillo&
World Famous Andres Jaramillo&
World Famous Andres Jaramillo&

World Famous Andres Jaramillo's Latin Black Scale Set

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The Andres Jaramillo's Latin Black Scale Set features tones inspired by Andres's knowledge of high contrast and passion for diversification. This set includes true black, legendary, black Sabbath, and Special Shading Solution. These inks allow artists to make the shades more custom to their preference while also establishing long-lasting tattoos with great detail.

The inspiration behind this set was to create colors that integrate the main shades of black to perform excellent quality work on Latin leathers and achieve more contrast for individuals.

True black - Negro profundo
An absolute, solid shade of black that generates new depths and can be used to create black blocks when necessary for added contrast.

Legendary- Linea
This ink allows artists to unlock ultimate definition and details that will preserve in the tattoo over the years.

Black Sabbath - Sombra

This tone assists artists to attain dark and high contrast shading that can be diluted to achieve a palette as wide as desired, based on the skin tone and design.

Shading Solution - Diluyente
This product permits artists to dilute the shadow ink as much as desired, unlocking a wide range palette to apply in designs with great precision and quality.

Product Specs
  • 4oz bottles
  • Contains zero animal products
  • Never tested on animals
  • Better for immunity and overall health
  • More reliable and safer on skin
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy
About the Artist
Andres Jaramillo is a Colombian artist who has been a major part of the tattoo world since 2010. His focus is on realism with a meticulous focus on shades and colors to create portrait perfection.

Andres is a passionate and dedicated artist with aspirations to be better every day and continue to develop the professional growth of the guild. His design and practice studies in various fields of the arts is a presence in every tattoo.

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