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Explore our extensive selection of premium PMU (permanent makeup) supplies, tailored to meet the needs of professional artists around the globe. Our collection includes everything from high-quality PMU needles and PMU pens to advanced machines and a wide range of cosmetic tattoo supplies. Whether you’re setting up your studio or upgrading your existing equipment, we have the right tools to ensure excellent results.PMU Needles and Pens: We offer a variety of PMU needles and PMU pens, including the renowned Bishop PMU Pen, designed for precision and comfort. Our needles are crafted to provide smooth and accurate application, essential for delicate permanent makeup procedures. Machines: Our range of PMU machines includes top models like the Axys Valkyr, Microbeau Bellar Air Prima, Microbeau Flux S Wireless PMU Machine, Microbeau Flux Mini, Microbeau Apollo SMP, Microbeau Bellar v2, Microbeau Xion Mini, Mast Tour Nano Y22, Mast Tour Siya, Mast Tour, Mast Magi Pen, Mast Lancer, and Mast Archer. These machines are engineered for reliability and precision, ensuring a consistent performance for all your PMU needs. Ink: Our ink selection features high-quality brands such as Etalon Mix, Swiss Color, Perma Blend, Solid Ink, World Famous, and Radiant. We offer specialized pigments for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results. Our eyebrow pigments, eyeliner pigments, and lip pigments are formulated to deliver smooth, even coverage and retain color integrity over time. Cartridges: For optimal performance, our cartridge selection includes brands like Matrix, Vertix Nano, Vertix Pico, Kwadron Optima, Mast Pro, and Ez Revolution. These cartridges are designed to provide superior control and precision, essential for intricate PMU procedures. Our products are available for purchase in various regions, including Canada, the USA, England, Australia, and Europe. Whether you're searching for PMU supplies near me or need to source PMU supplies Canada, PMU supplies USA, PMU supplies England, PMU supplies Australia, or PMU supplies Europe, our comprehensive range ensures you have access to the best products wherever you are. PMU Machines: The Microbeau series, including the Bellar Air Prima, Flux S Wireless PMU Machine, Flux Mini, Apollo SMP, Bellar v2, and Xion Mini, are known for their advanced technology and ease of use. These machines offer wireless functionality, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom of movement during procedures. The Mast series, including the Tour Nano Y22, Tour Siya, Tour, Magi Pen, Lancer, and Archer, are equally reliable, providing consistent performance and precise control. Inks and Pigments: Our selection of Etalon Mix, Swiss Color, Perma Blend, Solid Ink, World Famous, and Radiant inks are specifically formulated for permanent makeup. These inks offer a wide range of colors, allowing you to create natural-looking results for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. The high-quality pigments ensure excellent color retention and minimal fading over time. Cartridges: The Matrix, Vertix Nano, Vertix Pico, Kwadron Optima, Mast Pro, and Ez Revolution cartridges are designed for precision and ease of use. These cartridges are compatible with most PMU machines and provide smooth, consistent results, making them ideal for all types of permanent makeup applications. At our store, we understand the importance of using high-quality equipment and supplies to achieve the best results in permanent makeup. That’s why we only stock products from trusted brands, ensuring you have access to the best tools available. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, our extensive selection of PMU supplies will help you deliver beautiful, lasting results for your clients.04:02 PMShop with us today and discover why so many professional artists trust our products for their PMU needs. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to find and purchase the supplies you need, with convenient shipping options available for Canada, the USA, England, Australia, and Europe. Invest in the best with our top-quality PMU supplies and elevate your permanent makeup practice to new heights.