Cheyenne Hawk Pen Black
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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Black

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Cheyenne Hawk Pen Black

The award-winning, ergonomic pen shape of this tattoo machine gives you the complete freedom of movement. The low vibration and volume level guarantee comfortable working even during longer tattoo sessions. 

With the HAWK Pen, Cheyenne emphasized its role as an innovation leader in the field of professional tattoo equipment. For the first time a tattoo machine, that followed the shape of a pen, had been developed. It blurred the boundaries between drawing and tattooing and ensured optimal freedom of movement. This innovative and award-winning design has been copied countless times.


Lower vibration and volume than comparable products
Stroke from 3.5 mm/0.14 inch
Responsive Mode for reactive hit and stitch frequency
A good tattoo machine for both lining and shading
Can be customized with 2 HAWK Pen grips of different sizes (S: 22.0 mm/0.87 inch, M: 25.4 mm/1.00 inch) and our Disposable Grips, available in three sizes - the hygienically and securely packaged grip solution
Steplessly adjustable needle depth (0 - 4.0 mm/0 - 0.16 inch)
Connection via rotating jack connection ensures maximum freedom of movement, innovative jack cage provides optimum protection for the plug connection
Roll inhibition against unintentional rolling away of the pen
Especially easy to cover


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UniHeat 72 hr. Heat Pack

UniHeat 72 hr. Heat Pack

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