Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine
Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine

Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine

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Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine: One Pen for All Kinds of Work

Ultimate Versatility and Performance

The Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine is designed to cater to all your tattooing needs with its wide range of hitting natures and unparalleled versatility. Featuring a 4 mm stroke, this machine offers more skin feedback and better control, resulting in less skin trauma and better healing outcomes. Whether you're lining, shading, or packing color, the Ultron Pen 2 ensures faster and steadier performance.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Versatility: From fast color packing to soft shading and whip shading, the Ultron Pen 2 handles it all with ease.
  • Ergonomics: One of the most compact yet powerful pen rotaries in the world, designed for hours of comfortable use.
  • Cheyenne Single-Use Grips Compatibility: Easily find single-use grips anywhere with the Cheyenne thread standard.


  • Size: 25 mm (0.98 inch) x 108 mm (4.25 inch)
  • Weight: 120 g (4.2 Oz)
  • Stroke: 4.0 mm
  • Motor: 10.5 Watt
  • Material: Made from partially recycled aerospace-grade aluminum

Advanced Mechanism: RawPower System

The RawPower system sets the Ultron Pen 2 apart from other pen-type rotaries by unleashing the true power of the motor without the constraints of return springs found in typical pens. Carefully selected materials for all friction points and balanced parts ensure energy efficiency and vibration-free performance, allowing the Ultron Pen 2 to remain cool even during long sessions.

Powerful Motor

The new M2 motor in the Ultron Pen 2 delivers 10.5 Watts of power, a 1.5 times increase over the previous generation, and a torque increase of 1.9 times. This makes the machine incredibly powerful and efficient at both low and high RPMs.

Superior Skin Feedback and Control

The Ultron Pen 2 enhances skin feedback, allowing you to feel how deep the needle penetrates and giving you greater control over your work. This results in precise, consistent tattoos with less trauma and better healing outcomes.

Less Skin Trauma, Better Healing Results

The RawPower System ensures that the needle stays under the skin longer, delivering more pigment per hit. This increases work speed and reduces pain for clients, resulting in better healing.

Improved Lining and Color Packing

The Ultron Pen 2 has been optimized for faster and steadier line work, even with thick pigments and big magnums. The powerful motor and increased stroke ensure that pigments fly under the skin, reducing the time needed for color packing.

Soft Shading and Whip Shading

Despite its powerful 4.0 mm stroke, the Ultron Pen 2 can run softly at low RPMs, making it perfect for soft black and white shading, color gradients, and whip shading.

Exceptional Ergonomics

Designed for long hours of use, the Ultron Pen 2 features minimal vibration and noise, a shifted center of gravity, and a design that prevents overheating. Compatible with most wireless batteries, it ensures uninterrupted sessions.

Different Grips for Different Preferences

The Ultron Pen 2 offers four different grips in various diameters and weights to suit every artist's preference, from standard aluminum to heavy stainless steel.

New Durable RCA Connector

Attach an external battery to the RCA connector without worrying about damaging the machine.

Eco-Friendly Design

Crafted from partially recycled aluminum, the Ultron Pen 2 has a minimalist design that reduces production waste. All metal waste is fully recyclable, and hazardous waste from the machine body coating is properly cleaned.

Recommended Modes:

  • Fine Lines: 7.5-8.5 V
  • Fat Lines: 9-9.3 V
  • B&G Soft Shading: 7.5-7.8 V
  • Color Soft Shading: 7.5-8 V
  • Solid Packing: 7.5-8 V
  • Dot Shading: 1.5-3 V
  • Whip Shading: 7-8 V

Experience the versatility and power of the Vlad Blad Ultron Pen 2 Tattoo Machine. Upgrade your tattooing today!

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