Bull Bubble Gum Tattoo Ointment and Aftercare
Bull Bubble Gum Tattoo Ointment and Aftercare

Bull Bubble Gum Tattoo Ointment and Aftercare

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Bull Bubble Gum Tattoo Ointment and Aftercare

Bull Bubble Gum Premium was developed to minimize redness or bleeding during tattooing. Thanks to its natural and nourishing content, Bubble Gum, which softens the skin and accelerates healing, will be your indispensable glide cream with its gum scent. With its special stylish 1.5oz metal box or 10ml sachet, it will be a product you can always carry with you.

The glide creams used during tattooing provide a more comfortable and smooth movement of the tattoo needle. Thus, it makes it possible to make the tattoo better and to get a better quality result. Glide is applied to the area to be tattooed. In this way, the tattoo needle can be moved more easily and the tattooing process can be done more easily. Tattoo creams allow the tattoo to heal quickly after the tattoo process. It helps to prevent wounds and cracks that may occur on the skin after tattooing. It also makes the tattoo look bright and vibrant. Tattoo cream can also be used for skin care.

Natural compounds used in its content:

LANOLIN: It creates a barrier and traps moisture in the skin, thus allowing the wound to heal naturally.

SWEET ALMOND OIL: It prevents itching and spills. It softens the skin and moisturizes it intensely. It makes the skin look brighter.

JOJOBA OIL: Enhances skin reparative properties and provides topical skin soothing benefits. It is rich in numerous fatty acids and antioxidants.

OLIVE OIL: It gives the skin intense softness and elasticity. It supports the healthy appearance of the skin. It prevents itching and spills.

Size: 1.5oz / 50ml Jar or 0.3oz / 10ml Sachet

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