Tattoo Stencil Tips And Tricks

Tattoo Stencil Tips And Tricks

Stencil is a foundation of most tattoos and there is some tips and tricks that will help you to make your tattoo perfect.

✔️ Smudging while tattooing becomes a nightmare when working with large or intricate pieces. So the first tip is to keep your hands off the stencil as much as possible.

✔️ When wiping the tattoo, use distilled water or diluted green soap. This will remove excess ink and blood without taking away too much of the stencil ink.

✔️ Don’t use alcohol-based wipes either. Instead, use paper towels and wipe away from the tattoo. This will avoid smudging areas you haven’t started working on. 

More tattoo stencil tips and tricks:

⏱ Take your time. There’s no rush when it comes on to applying a tattoo stencil to the skin, you can avoid so many mistakes following this rule.

🖊 Use a skin marker. It can help you to make applying the stencil much easier. 

🧍🏻 Ensure your client stays still. This is one of the important tattoo stencil tips and tricks that can prevent poor stencil placement. 

➕ Use multiple stencils where necessary. You don’t have to use one giant stencil for a large tattoo. Using multiple stencils improves the chances of a better transfer, and makes placing the stencil paper on the body a bit easier.

🙅🏻‍♂️ Stenciling portraits isn’t the same. You are only using the stencil as a guide for shading, not as an outline of the image. There are no hard lines here. Dots work better at initiating a soft, realistic image.

We hope our tips will help you to create amazing works. The most important thing is to be patient and give yourself time. A lot of practice makes perfect and caution makes for better work.

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