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Welcome to our World Famous Ink category, the go-to destination for top-tier tattoo inks renowned for their vibrant colors and exceptional quality. Designed for professional tattoo artists who demand excellence, our selection includes a vast array of hues like Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Clear, Brown, Purple, White, Pink, and Orange, available in sizes ranging from 1/2OZ to 8OZ.

World Famous inks are celebrated for their intense pigmentation and smooth consistency, ensuring your tattoos look stunning and stand the test of time. Among the favorites are the World Famous Watercolor Mini Set 1OZ, perfect for creating delicate watercolor effects, and the World Famous Trash Polka Mini Set 1OZ, ideal for bold, graphic designs.

For portrait work, the World Famous Portrait Mini Set 1OZ offers a carefully curated palette, while the World Famous Luiz Lopes CMYK Set 1OZ provides essential colors for versatile applications. Those interested in traditional Japanese tattoo art will find the World Famous Japanese Mini Set 1OZ indispensable, and for fine line work, the World Famous Fine Line Mini Set 1OZ is a must-have.

Our range also features specialized sets like the 16 Color Sasha O'Kharin RGBY Skin Tone Set, designed for creating realistic skin tones, and the Pink Ribbon series, which includes shades like Portrait White and Cool Mink, perfect for a variety of skin tones and effects.

Explore our exclusive sets such as the Albert Fish Orange Blossom, which delivers a rich, vibrant orange, and the Ilya Fom Animal Kingdom Set, offering a wide range of colors for detailed animal portraits. For those who need a comprehensive collection, the World Famous 50 Color Set and the 25 Color Set provide an extensive array of options.

World Famous inks are formulated to provide smooth application, high saturation, and long-lasting results. The inks are also vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring ethical standards are met without compromising on performance. Whether you're looking for single bottles or complete color sets, World Famous has the perfect solutions for every artistic need.

Key colors in our selection include the versatile Pancho Light Violet, the deep USSR Red, and the striking Jack The Ripper Red. The Poch Monochromatic series offers various shades of gray, perfect for adding depth and realism to your work.

For artists looking to experiment with unique hues, the World Famous Pink Ribbon series offers vibrant and subtle tones alike, such as Tan Peach and Dark Honey. Other standout colors include the warm Spanish Gold, the soothing Michele Light Skin, and the bold Purple Kush.

Our extensive catalog also includes sets like the 6 Bottles Poch Monochromatic Set and the 4 Color Alex Santucci Cover-Up Set, designed to meet specific artistic needs and provide reliable results. The Sarah Miller Fenrir Gray series offers a range of grays perfect for shading and creating realistic effects.

World Famous inks are available for purchase globally, including Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, and Australia. This makes it easy for tattoo artists around the world to access and benefit from our high-quality products.

In addition to individual colors, our selection includes specialized sets like the 16 Color Sarah Miller Valhalla Portrait Set and the 16 Color Oleg Shepelenko Realism Set, offering a comprehensive range of shades for detailed and realistic tattoos. The Michele Turco Portrait Set and the Maks Kornev Zombie Set are other popular choices, providing unique palettes for specialized work.

World Famous inks are designed for artists who demand the best in quality and performance. By choosing World Famous, you ensure your tattoos will have vibrant, long-lasting colors and a professional finish that your clients will love. Explore our selection today and elevate your tattoo artistry with World Famous Ink.