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Chaise de tatoueur

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Premium Adjustable Tattoo Stool

Enhance your tattoo studio with this premium adjustable tattoo stool, designed for comfort, durability, and practicality. This stool is an essential addition for any professional tattoo artist, providing ergonomic support during long tattoo sessions.

Key Features:

1. Adjustable Height: The stool features a height-adjustable mechanism, allowing you to customize the seat height between 18” to 23.25” to suit your workspace and comfort preferences. This feature ensures that you can maintain the optimal posture and comfort throughout the day, reducing strain on your back and legs.

2. Extra Large & Thick Cushioning Foam: The seat is equipped with extra-large and thick cushioning foam that provides superior comfort. Initially firm upon arrival, the foam softens with regular use, becoming cushy and comfortable over time. This ensures that you can work for extended periods without discomfort.

3. Reinforced Nylon Base & Wheels: The stool is constructed with a newly improved nylon base and wheels. The reinforced nylon base is lightweight yet significantly stronger and more durable than the previous plastic base. This ensures stability and longevity, even with frequent use in a busy studio environment. The wheels offer smooth mobility, allowing you to move around your workspace with ease.

4. Sleek and Professional Design: The stool boasts a sleek, professional design with a polished chrome finish that complements any tattoo studio decor. The minimalist look ensures it blends seamlessly into any professional setting, while the high-quality materials add a touch of elegance.


1. Ergonomic Support: Proper seating is crucial for maintaining good posture and reducing physical strain during long tattoo sessions. This stool is designed to provide ergonomic support, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of back pain and fatigue.

2. Enhanced Mobility: The smooth-rolling wheels ensure easy movement across your workspace. Whether you need to move around your client or reach for different tools, this stool provides the mobility you need to work efficiently.

3. Customizable Comfort: With its adjustable height and softening cushioning foam, this stool offers customizable comfort tailored to your preferences. This means you can find the perfect seating position that suits your working style, enhancing your overall efficiency and comfort.

4. Durability and Stability: The reinforced nylon base and high-quality construction ensure that this stool is built to last. It can withstand the demands of a busy tattoo studio, providing stable and reliable seating for years to come.

Ideal For:

  • Tattoo Artists: Ensures comfortable seating for long tattoo sessions, helping to maintain focus and precision.
  • Piercing Studios: Provides a versatile seating solution for piercers, enhancing mobility and comfort.
  • Beauty Salons: Suitable for various beauty treatments, offering a professional and comfortable seating option.


  • Height Adjustment Range: 18” to 23.25”
  • Cushion Material: Extra-large and thick cushioning foam
  • Base Material: Reinforced nylon
  • Wheels: Smooth-rolling for easy mobility
  • Seat Diameter: Spacious for added comfort
  • Color: Black with chrome finish


Investing in this premium adjustable tattoo stool will enhance the functionality and comfort of your studio. Its ergonomic design, durable construction, and customizable features make it a perfect addition for any professional tattoo artist. Experience the difference in comfort and efficiency with this high-quality stool, designed to support you through every tattoo session.

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UniHeat 72 heures. Pack de chaleur

UniHeat 72 heures. Pack de chaleur

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