Radiant Carlox Ink Set

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Radiant Carlox Angarita Collector's Ink Set

Animal color set by Carlox Angarita a great animal color realism artist from South America. This set includes his favorite colors. 

Some of works done with this set;

Carlox Angarita Tattoos


  • Price per bottle
  • Size: 1oz or 1/2oz
  • Quantity: 16 Colors
  • Set Colors: Carlox Fox Orange, Carlox Crab Red, Carlox Blue Jay Blue, Carlox Panther Black, Carlox Buffalo Brown, Carlox Owl Brown, Carlox Horse Brown, Carlox Alligator Green, Carlox Python Yellow, Carlox Stingray Beige, Carlox Parrot Red, Carlox Elephant Grey, Carlox Wild Salmon, Carlox Wolf White, Carlox Snake Green, Carlox Shark Blue