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Omega Tattoo Machine Kit

1x Omega Tattoo Machine
1x Dc Cord 
1x Stainless Steel Foot Switch
1x Maple Tattoo Digital Power Supply
1x Power Cord
1x Ez Revolution Round Liner Cartridges

1x Radiant Tribal Black 1oz
1x Bull Stencil Pink Gel 5.5oz
1x Spirit Classic Freehand Tattoo Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" - 10 Sheets
1x Bag of XL Ink Caps 
1x Green Soap 8oz
1x Pen Tray
1x Ez Cohesive Elastic Bandage 2"
1x Bull Green Tube Aftercare Cream
1x 250ml Squeeze Bottle
1x Squeeze Bottle Barrier
1x Tattoo Machine Barrier
1x Clip Cord Sleeves
1x Hex Key Set

1x Cleaning Brush Set
1x Arm/Leg Strap Practice Skin 

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