Omega Tattoo Machine Kit

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1x Omega Tattoo Machine
1x Dc Cord 
1x ALP Power Tattoo Power Supply
1x STAR Foot Switch
1x Power Cord
1x 20 pcs of Eliot Round Liner Tattoo Cartridges

1x World Famous Ink True Black 1oz
1x Recover Stencil Lock 8oz
1x 1 pc of Spirit Classic Freehand Tattoo Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" 
1x Bag of Ink Caps 
1x Green Soap 8oz
1x Spray Bottle
1x Bull Green Tube Aftercare Cream
1x 2 pcs of Wash Bottle Bags
1x 2 pcs of Clip Cord Sleeves
1x Practice Skin