Maple Tattoo v1 Wireless Pen Kit

Maple Tattoo v1 Wireless Cartridge Pen Kit

Latest technology Maple Tattoo first generation wireless pen. Its battery lasts around 5 hours plus you get an extra battery to work longer hours. It has a strong rotary machine and very comfortable to use. If needed, it can be connected to power supply via its dc port.

- Comes with 2 wireless battery that lasts for 5 hours.
- Has adjustable voltage controls and even a pause option.
- It takes 1.5 hours to completely fully charge the wireless power pack.

Maple Tattoo v1 Wireless Pen Specifications:

12V Cordless Japanese Motor & 10000 RPM.
Aircraft Aluminum.
DC Connection.
114g without battery & 170g with battery on

Pen Holder

The pen holder deactivates the power when you place the machine onto the holder. - The machine will reactivate when you pick up the machine from the stand.

Wireless Foot Switch:

The special Foot pedal is an extra feature that is not needed for your machine, but you can choose to use it for artist who are use to using one. The foot switch must be connected to an electrical wall outlet. How ever, that is the only cord connection needed. The foot switch has a wireless connection to the tattoo machine.


1-year warranty is included.


Covers any defects in materials used to manufacture your product

Covers any defects in workmanship under normal use

Covers any broken components under normal use