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INK-EEZE CBD Glide Tattooing Ointment — 6oz Jar


One 6oz Jar of CBD Glide Professional Tattoo Glide & Aftercare — Tattoo Ointment by INK-EEZE

INK-EEZE prides itself on being a tattoo product lifestyle brand by developing products specifically for the industry in collaboration with artists, collectors, and skin-care professionals. Years of careful development have gone into creating INK-EEZE’s CBD-enriched tattoo ointment formula.

The CBD Glide Tattooing Ointment maintains the benefits of previous INK-EEZE products with the added benefits of CBD. A non-psychoactive extract of hemp, CBD assuages pain, relieves muscle soreness, and reduces inflammation both during and after tattoo procedures; CBD is also an antioxidant which encourages the overall recovery process.

This non-petroleum based ointment is packed with essential oils and botanical extracts to benefit both the artist and the client. A handy two-in-one ointment, the glide is used both as a lubricant during tattoo procedures, and as an aftercare product! A little goes a long way with INK-EEZE CBD Glide. This listing is for the CBD Glide as a 6oz jar.


  • Size: 6oz
  • For use during the tattoo procedure and as aftercare
  • Non-petroleum based formula
  • Contains essential oils to moisturize skin
  • Modified, CBD-enriched formula
  • Not tested on animals
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Price per one jar

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